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June 22, 2017

Lagree Fitness: A fitness method which works the body in strength, flexibility, and endurance. Originally built off the foundations of pilates, the method uses a specialized reformer machine to challenge the body with added resistance to common exercises and some not so common maneuvers.

For this summer, I decided to join a Lagree studio nearby and takes classes 4x/week…And I must admit that I’ve never experienced such a powerful and muscle-shaking workout! The classes are (thankfully) only 40 minutes long and focus on exercises which target the major and minor muscle groups of the body. Did I mention that every exercise includes a resistance spring weight and slow controlled movements under the clock? This timed approach is referred to as “time under tension.” Trainers have perfected a workout flow to best build off of previous maneuvers and target the whole body.

Sounds like torture? Perhaps– but I gotta tell you that the feeling afterwards makes it all worth it! The 40 minutes pass by, er, relatively quickly and when you finish, you walk out feeling like WonderWoman or really any Marvel’s agent of your choosing. Better yet, all ages can do it because modifications are always available…whoop whoop!

Although, I must confess that I write this post for more than just sharing a new fitness trend. I write because I want to encourage. It can feel like our whole experience of life is founded on the strive to be fit, happy and, well, perfect. As a woman, a college woman living in California–where residency appears to include possessing a certain level of beauty–the impractical expectation controls our daily choices and thoughts. How confusing and exhausting! *big sigh* More so, where’s the happy in all of that? I love Lagree because I love how it pushes people to conquer the challenge presented before them, to pushed themselves to point past their limited expectations. If we just shut out the burdening messages of perfection and live doing stuff which intrigue us, I think we’d be surprisingly closer to experiencing happiness. I’ve personally always wanted to try tai chi and learn sign language…hopefully there will be a future post on those πŸ™‚

My parents always told me, “you are beautifully and wonderfully made.” You inhibit a body capable of the most dynamic and the most delicate (it’s actually one of the most fascinating things to contemplate). When it comes to living a full and active lifestyle, find something that not only stretches you but also encourages you. Better yet, do it with a friend because then when y’all fall over or completely have no idea what the heck you are doing, at least it will be two of you laughing. And laughter is both good for the core and the soul πŸ˜‰

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