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Movie Night for the Hopeful

June 27, 2017

Hallmark movies get described as “cheesy” and “predictable” romances. And to be fair, the comments aren’t inaccurate. The main character usually faces the common predicament of choosing between two potential romances, leading to a moment of self realization in what true love really is and, more importantly, who it can be found with. The circumstances are often less than realistic–the couple falling madly in love in a period of 4-5 days, and the endings are about as sappy as honey straight from the hives. Oh, and the acting quality is not exactly Academy Awards or Oscars. Yet despite all these strikes, I still find myself jumping at the chance to watch them! *sigh*

Having resigned myself to being a Hallmark-ian, *shrug*, I consider as to why I invest my time in these stereotypical movies that feed into the unrealistic realities of love? Well, I suppose when it gets down to it, I watch because they simply make me smile. 🙂 And why not watch movies that speak about hope, forgiveness, second chances, and even the possibility of love that looks beyond the flaws…love that will boldly declare its commitment to remain faithful and steadfast (no matter how corny the presentation). I mean, why do we choose to watch shows and movies which turn the darkness into entertainment and mockery of one another into normal aspects of human relationships? Even the inspiring stories that address realities in order to encourage greater change can be a little heavy for movie night.

I’m a science major, logic and ordered hypothesis derive from the very real observations of reality. Hard fact is simply that, hard fact, and must be accepted as it defines our experiences in this world. Yet even chemists find themselves looking beyond the outward evidence and journeying into the theoretical to find the source of phenomenons. We were not made to live only and always in the difficult and heavy state of so called “reality.” Our lives and experiences may be rooted in the limitations of reality but are defined by the colors of hope.

Hope strengthens, heals, and lets the heart persevere. Hope doesn’t give way to ignorance but rather leaves room for the redeeming, the good, the miraculous. And this is what I see when I watch Hallmark movies…little dashes of hope. Thus, for that reason alone I say, “Grab a treat because tonight we let our hearts beat with the hope of possibility! Who knows, we might even find a Hallmark ending for ourselves.” <3

  • One of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies 😀
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