A person grows up seeing a myriad of things life has to offer–– its gifts, challenges, successes, beauties and joys.  Each day proves to be more like a pocket of moments, people, sounds, sights, smells–and so on–which are then preciously stored in the back of the mind to ponder–– until someday they are brought back to once again partake in forming another brief memoir.

I hope this blog, this life journal, will serve as a place...no, a haven...for anyone to come and look at the beautiful story these snapshots form. Life is beautiful, not only in a physical aspect but in a very real, all-kinds-of-parts aspect. From cooking, to shopping, to jokes, to inspiring stories...from health, to victories, to holidays...a one-of-a-kind endless picture composes itself.  And this picture does more than invoke the viewer but weaves them in.

I am Allison Pearl, a college student with a desire to acknowledge the life giving, the life shaping and the joyful! My area of study is chemistry-- I find it so amazing to analyze the world from its very fundaments and get to know the Creator from the core of His creation. I am a daughter to wonderful parents, sister to three siblings, and friend to those who inspire me everyday. Please, join with me and share in the peace that flows from honoring the simple joys of life.  Together we will walk alongside one another, one step at a time, through this beautiful life...It's going to be a great adventure!

Big Hugs and Warm Smiles